VIDEO: Postdate Comments After Meeting Parents

Joey Mulinaro described meeting the parents for the first time as OK.

"Fourth date, going with the parents, that's always a little bit of a tough, tough challenge," said Mulinaro. "You can't hang your head about it. It's still early, still a long way to go."

It wasn't easy for Joey, who had to work through a 20 minute long one-on-one conversation with his date's father. Though he was warned that her father would ask about expectations, Joey said that he stumbled out of the gate even though he knew the question was coming.

"Am I most pleased with my answer? No, but I think that the response I gave is something that he can sit on for a while and he'll be OK with."

When reporters asked about mom's cooking, Joey said he needed to "put on a little bit of a face" and that the chicken was "a little dry" but the wine helped out.

Overall, Joey is optimistic after a mediocre first impression with the parents of his girlfriend.

"I don't think that's gonna be our last date. I hope it's not. We got a long way to go in this relationship."

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