Meatsauce dines at local restaurant in Minneapolis

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Diners at an iconic Minneapolis restaurant were shocked on Saturday when Paul "Meatsauce" Lambert made a surprise appearance, enjoying a meal with some friends at The Loon Cafe.

Lambert was joined by KFAN radio colleague Eric Nordquist and friends known to bar staff only as "Garlar", "Marlar", "Hot Ass" Randy and "Tree". Owner Tim Mahoney said he tried to keep it cool when he saw the radio host enter his doors.

"As he was walking up the stairs, I thought, 'This person looks a hell of a lot like Meatsauce,' " Mahoney said. "He walks in and I was like, 'Hey Paul, what can I get ya?' "

Staffers noticed the change in atmosphere when the VIP entered the room but were very respectful of Lambert and his crew, according to Mahoney. Nobody asked for autographs or pictures with Lambert, though "Hot Ass" Randy was accosted for a moment by a bachelorette party.

"We didn't want to bother him," said Mahoney. "Mainly because we didn't care enough to do so."

The reasons for Lambert's appearance remain a mystery though sources close to the radio host say it may be related to a World Series championship celebration won by Lambert's MLB The Show 23 team earlier that day.

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