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COVID-19 Grocery List: 15 Things you'll need if quarantines go into effect

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There's been a lot of back and forth lately when it comes to whether or not we should be stockpiling goods and non-perishable food items at home in lieu of the spreading coronavirus COVID-19. As we sit here are watch Italy quarantine and restrict the movements of 16 million people amidst a breakout in their country, we've seen company's in Washington close their doors, we're hearing about schools making contingency plans for learning at home and to date there is no vaccine or treatment to preview COVID-19.

So, we're all adults here, and we can all make decisions for ourselves, but if you're looking to stockpile goods to have on hand, you're not alone. People around the world and around the country are rushing to the store to stock up on supplies in advance of self or mandatory quarantines. Below is a sort of grocery list of suggested items compiled from health officials and public safety advisers that would come in handy just in case stores and public spaces begin shutting their doors.

Generally speaking, you would want to be looking to gather 2-3 weeks worth of non-perishable food items, general medicines, household items and sanitizing materials.


  • Canned Goods - Preserved and canned food can offer replacements for fresh fruits and vegetables in shelf stable storage that will last long periods of time. Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Soups, Pasta meals are all good examples of canned goods to have on hand.
  • Pantry Items - Applesauce, pasta, grains like rice & quinoa, dried fruits, nuts and nut butters, baby food, cereal, jerky
  • Frozen Foods - Meat, Poultry, frozen pizza, frozen meals, fruits and veggies
  • Bottled Water
  • Pet Food


  • Multivitamins
  • Tylenol & Ibuprofen
  • Cough Medicine
  • Zinc lozenges (Zicam or Coldeze)
  • Allergy medicines


  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Diapers & Wipes
  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer
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