Introducing the KFAN 2020 State Fair T-Shirt Line! #KFANQuaranTees

No state fair? No problem! We've still got your T-Shirts! Our first release hits the shelves and goes ON SALE on Monday 8/10 at!

Better yet, this year we'll be releasing FOUR different T-Shirt lines over the next month and change so be sure to check back often and see what's getting released each week. Here's the release schedule, shirts will unveil the Friday before they go on sale...

  • The 2020 FAN State Fair Line - ON SALE 8/10
  • The One-Word Line - ON SALE 8/17
  • The FAN JAM Line - ON SALE 8/24
  • The KFAN Classics Line - ON SALE 8/31

Check out the 2020 KFAN State Fair Line

The Baseball Nicknames List Shirt - On Sale 8/10

The Football Nicknames List Shirt - On Sale 8/10

The KFAN Lineup List Shirt - On Sale 8/10

The Infamous Manny's Receipt T-Shirt - On Sale 8/10

The Mount Rubemore Shirt - On Sale 8/10