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The Power Trip "24 Hrs on the 5th Floor" NCAA Tourney bet has been decided!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Washington DC

Well, there's still the Final Four to be played out next week in Minneapolis but The Power Trip "24 Hours on the 5th Floor NCAA Tourney Bet" has already been decided.

Using the standard scoring method 1pt for first round, 2 pts for second, 4 pts for third, 8 pts for fourth and so on...doubling to the championship. Well, none of us have the possibility to earn any more points going forward (geniuses), so here's how the bet will finish.

1st Place - 76 points - Cory Cove

2nd Place - 74 points - Aj Mansour

3rd Place - 66 points - Chris Hawkey

4th Place - 61 points- Meatsauce

So Meatsauce Paul Lambert will have to spend 24 hours on the 5th floor of the radio station coming up in the near future!

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