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Finally got around to starting The Crown on Netflix. Watched 6 episodes in a row. Completely engaging. (click here)

The documentary Blink of an Eye is worth watching whether you are a NASCAR Fan or not. It’s the story of the unlikely friendship between Michael Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt Sr. And the passing of a legend. And the loss of a best friend.

Once a year EVERY year I listen to the audiobook of Rob McClarty’s The Memory of Running. I just finished it Again. It is, quite simply, a perfect performance of a spectacular book. Please listen to this...after you finish the Powertrip and the After Party.

My neighbor Kristina found Outdoor Christmas lights that are solar powered. They come on at sun set and go off at sunrise. Brilliant. Ordering from amazon now. Merry Christmas. (click here)

Fish Lake Dog Park in Maple Grove is a Giant, fenced in wooded area where dogs can run wild. Watching them run free is watching a loving creature experience complete joy. (click here)

Dan Nystrom on the After Party is more than a week old, but if you missed it you should give it a listen. Great breakdown of what it’s like to be a field goal kicker. (click here)

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