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Minnesota Vikings mini camp 2018 rolls on and with it I'm sure you're being inundated with loads of big opinions and fruitful observations. 

Well, today I bring you a handful of un-fruitful or maybe just non-fruitful observations that I notice while watching the repetitive nature of NFL Mini Camp practices. None of it really matters at all, but it might spark your interest or make you look like the smartest person at your next company party.

1. Stefon Diggs wears the shortest shorts I've ever seen...

And I tell you what, they look like they keep getting shorter each and every day. You can see them highlighted in the photo above, a screencap from the VEN. They are most assuredly custom made and he spends most of his downtime rolling them up into themselves to become even shorter before the next play. Maybe it's a fashion statement, maybe it's a plan to show off his thigh tattoos one of which is an almost full size Guy Fawkes Mask.

2. Kirk Cousins might have a new verbal catch phrase...

Kirk Cousins became uber famous a few years ago after he walked off a football field and yelled "YOU LIKE THAT?!?" in a celabratory manner at the media after a win. It's kind of become synonymous with his name. If today was any indicator, he might have a new but old catchphrase that he'll be using this season. It occurred at least two times for sure and I think a third though I couldn't fully hear what he said, but following touchdown passes or perfectly executed plays Kirk would pump his right fist and yell "BOO-YAH" at the top of his lungs. Maybe he's a big fan of Stuart Scott, maybe he's a big fan of 1990s catch phrases, either way be on the lookout for a good old "boo-yah" or two from Kirk this season.

3. Practice playlist music takes a heavenly twist...

I'm all about some good Christian rap. For those of you who hear that phrase and immediately think it's oxymoronic, I'm telling you you're wrong. Hop online now and check out some Lecrae, Trip Lee or Andy Mineo. Those guys can 100% go toe-to-toe with Feddy, Drake and Kanye...trust me on this one. Anyways, while the coach can always pull a trump card and dictate the style of music played during the team's first warmup and position sessions of practice, today walking up to the practice fields I heard a song I was familiar with by Lecrae called "Blessings". Asking around a little bit I came to learn that like me, C.J. Ham, Kirk Cousins and Adam Thielen are all fans of Lecrae and that's the reason that the ops team inserted the song into today's mix.

4. The Vikings brought in real-life NFL referees for Mini Camp...

During the regular season, as NFL referees are busy traveling around the country the Vikings will bring local college and high school referees into practice to have them on hand for team sessions and to offer them another opportunity to work on their craft. This week, for Mini Camps at TCO, the Vikings brought in official NFL referees to work the sessions. This week it's been notable head referee Jerome Boger and his team keeping the players in line and explaining to them why they can't make contact before the ball arrives!

5. Stefon Diggs has massive hands...

Ever wonder what makes a good wide receiver in the NFL? There's a lot of things that can go into it but one attribute that won't surprise you is having larger than average hands. Case in point Stefon Diggs. On top of being fast, strong and smart, Diggs has some massive mitts. At the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine Diggs' hands were measured at 10", fingers spread wide measured from tip of thumb to tip of pinky.  To put that in perspective take a look at these other notable receivers hand sizes keeping in mind Stefon is only 6'0" tall. Julio Jones, who stands 6'3" tall only has 9 3/4" hands. Randy Moss who is also 6'3" tall, measured in at 9.63". Calvin Johnson who towers at 6'5", only 9 1/4" hands. Bring it closer to home, we all know that Kyle Rudolph has massive mitts, I mean they call him "Hamburger Helper Gloves" for goodness sakes. He's 6'6" tall and has 10 3/4" hands. Comparatively speaking Diggsy's hands are massive and he's putting them to good use of late connecting with Cousins on a regular basis.

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