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Will the Vikings place a call to FA kicker Dan Bailey? | KFAN 100.3 FM

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For those of you who were checking Twitter after the Minnesota Vikings 29-29 tie-game against the Green Bay Packers, you might have noticed some interesting things going on in the "trending topics" section over on Twitter. 

Sure you'll see "Vikings", "Thielen" and "Diggs" trending in the top-ten and given the way that the game went down you're also seeing "Treadwell" and "Carlson" trending as well. Then there's "Dan Bailey" also trending with tens of thousands of tweets rolling in with the name of the free agent kicker.

That's what happens when your kicker goes 0-3 on FGs including two in the overtime session, your fanbase takes to social media and tries to find a solution. 

Maybe, for the Vikings sake, there might be a good option out there.

According to, Bailey is waiting for the "right team" to reach out to him and has already turned down four teams that have reached out. Assuming that before today the Vikings were not one of those four teams, you would think that they will be at least making a call today.

So what goes in to finding the "right team" for a field goal kicker? 

You'd have to think that Bailey would be looking for a competitive team. A team that has a chance to give it a run for Lombardi's trophy. Maybe a team that plays indoors and a team that has a good offense.

Check, check and check for the Minnesota Vikings.

Bailey is the second most accurate kicker in the history of the NFL so there's an assumed upgrade from the struggles that we've seen from Carlson.

It's time to admit, the mistake, cut the dead weight and right the wrong. That's not exactly Rick Spielman's M.O., but Mike Zimmer might push the GM to make the call and make the decision after today.

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