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The Super Bowl Odds for 2020 are out, where did the Vikings land? | KFAN

With Super Bowl 53 wrapping up last night in Atlanta all eyes for markets not cheering for the Patriots have already turned their attention to the Free Agency, the NFL Draft and ultimately next season.

The casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada have done the same and the odds for the 2020 Super Bowl LIV have been released.

Topping the charts, to no one's surprise, are the New England Patriots coming in at 6/1. Next up it's the Chiefs at 7/1, the Rams at 8/1, the Saints at 9/1 and the Chicago Bears rounding out the top five at 14/1.

For the Minnesota Vikings coming off of a disappointing season, they chime in tied for 7th with the Green Bay Packers at 18/1 odds. They finish ahead of this year's playoff teams like the Chargers (20/1), the Eagles (20/1) and the Steelers (22/1)

Check out the full list below...

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIV 2020

New England Patriots               6/1

Kansas City Chiefs                   7/1       

Los Angeles Rams                   8/1       

New Orleans Saints                  9/1       

Chicago Bears                         14/1     

Indianapolis Colts                     14/1     

Green Bay Packers                  18/1     

Minnesota Vikings                    18/1     

Los Angeles Chargers               20/1     

Philadelphia Eagles                  20/1     

Pittsburgh Steelers                   22/1     

Cleveland Browns                    25/1

Dallas Cowboys                       25/1     

Atlanta Falcons                        28/1     

Baltimore Ravens                     33/1     

Houston Texans                       33/1     

San Francisco 49ers                 33/1

Carolina Panthers                     40/1     

Jacksonville Jaguars                40/1     

New York Giants                      40/1     

Seattle Seahawks                     40/1     

Tennessee Titans                     50/1     

Tampa Bay Buccaneers            66/1     

Buffalo Bills                             80/1

Cincinnati Bengals                    80/1     

Denver Broncos                       80/1

Detroit Lions                            80/1     

Washington Redskins              80/1     

Arizona Cardinals                     100/1   

Miami Dolphins                        100/1                           

New York Jets                          100/1   

Raiders                                    100/1   

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