Could Ricky Rubio be traded back to the Wolves today? | KFAN 100.3 FM

An interesting conversation popped up yesterday on the Dan Barreiro program.

With reports popping up surrounding the Minnesota Timberwolves shopping point guard Jeff Teague lining up with the idea that the Utah Jazz are shopping Ricky Rubio and looking for a point guard that can be more of a scorere, the thought of trading Teague to Utah for Rubio popped up.

Think about it for a second, it makes a bit of sense.

Both teams aren't exactly getting what they had hoped out of their respective point guard. The Jazz could get a point guard that attacks the rim and shoots a bit better than Rubio did. For the Wolves, the benefit is crazy.

First, they'd avoid Teague's19-million player-option for the 2019-2020 season. They would then get Rubio back for a few months, a fan favorite and expiring contract as Ricky would become a free agent after this season.

There's one problem with this plan though, Jeff Teague is injured and has not played for two weeks. It sounds like he's getting closer to coming back to the court but trading damaged goods is not something that happens in the NBA and could step up and block this possibility or any potential trade option involving Teague.

It'd be good for the Timberwolves, but it's looking increasingly unlikely as the deadline approaches today.


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