Vegas just dropped new odds on landing QB Cousins, & will you look at that

Say what you will about all the "reports" and "rumors" that have been swirling around the past week or so surrounding Kirk Cousins and his potential marriage with the Minnesota Vikings but I love it.

Think about all the things we've had to discuss and debate that we normally never would leading into the NFL's free agency period. The Vikings are never the talk of the town during free agency and this year they are.

However you feel about Cousins coming to Minnesota, the inevitability of the signing seems to be written on the wall right there in front of you. Experts think it's happening, insiders think it's happening and now even Vegas thinks it's happening!

Check out the most recent odds covering Cousins' landing spot below from our friends at

Which Team Will Kirk Cousins be on For Week 1 of the 2018 NFL Season?

Minnesota Vikings                     1/3

Denver Broncos                        10/3

New York Jets                           5/1

Arizona Cardinals                      15/1

What's interesting to note from this previous post, on 1/31 the Minnesota Vikings were off the board in the Cousins Sweepstakes. On 2/20, new odds came out and they were still off the board, not even included in the conversation. 

Fast forward two weeks and it's basically a done deal. 

Funny how that works.

5 reasons why Kirk Cousins would choose the Vikings over the guaranteed $$$ - Thumbnail Image

5 reasons why Kirk Cousins would choose the Vikings over the guaranteed $$$

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