THE MORNING AFTER: 5 Glaring Observations From Sunday's 29-29 Tie with GB

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It was one of the most fun Vikings games that we've seen in a long time. 

It was one of the most frustrating Vikings games that we've seen in a long time.

Both of the above statements are true to the nth degree. The Minnesota Vikings pulled off a gigantic comeback in the fourth quarter scoring 22 points in the final frame to tie the game and push it into overtime. 

That's not to say there were not a few pull your hair moments out thought. That fourth quarter saw a situation where we thought the game was over after the ball tipped off of Treadwell's fingers into the oppositions hands. And then overtime, overtime was a hot freaking least in one facet.

Anyways, here we go. Five glaring observations from yesterday's Vikings Packers tie at Lambeau...

1. In Kirk we trust...

It's great that the team didn't lose, it literally could have been worse. But maybe the best thing that came out of yesterday's game was the fact that the Minnesota Vikings have a freaking sweet quarterback under center.

Anybody who had any sort of doubts about Kirk Cousins in the redzone, Kirk Cousins in the fourth quarter, Kirk Cousins and his turnovers...those questions were answered yesterday and Kirk Cousins is the stone cold quarterback of this team for the future. Furthermore, with Kirk under center, that future is going to be a competitive one.

Kirk's 425 yards, 4 touchdown performance proved that he's worth every penny of that $84 million fully guaranteed contract and Vikings fans should be thrilled to have him.

The Vikings might have tied, but Kirk Cousins WON BIG on Sunday at GB  - Thumbnail Image

The Vikings might have tied, but Kirk Cousins WON BIG on Sunday at GB

2. Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are unstoppable...

One of the other things that we learned yesterday in the fourth and overtime, you don't need to throw the ball to anybody else other than Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. On almost every play those guys are going to get open and if Kirk can get them the ball, which he's proven he can, they are going to come down with it more often than not.

Adam Thielen was targeted 13 times and caught 12 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown that he did get was a masterpiece at that, I don't know how he did it? The concentration, the hands, the body control, all of it was perfect.

Stefon Diggs is also earning every penny of his new contract. Through two games he's got three touchdowns already and yesterday's 128 yard, 2 TD and a 2 Pt conversion performance shows how even when you focus on stopping him, he's going to get his.

I can understand mixing in passes to Cook out of the backfield and a Rudolph pass or two across the middle, but seriously, DON'T THROW TO ANYBODY ELSE.

3. We've got a situation up front...

We've got a problem up front when it comes to run blocking and the Minnesota Vikings. We're two games into the season and the Vikings running game has been relatively non-existent. Dalvin Cook is not able to get any separation at the line, there are no holes for him to run through, nothing. It's not as if Cook hasn't shown flashes of being back either. When he catches a pass and hits that corner he looks great, there's just simply no openings for him to get through. 

Oddly enough, as we were all concerned about the left side of the line, it's actually Mike Remmers and Rashod Hill on the right side of the offensive line that have struggle the most. Hill suffered an injury yesterday and if you're looking for one silver lining up front, rookie tackle Brian O'Neill came in and looked pretty good contributing to that comeback in the fourth quarter.

4. We've got a situation up front...other side of the ball...

Ho-Ly-Smokes! This defensive line is the real deal. It's almost like we didn't think that the defense could get much better, but then you bring in Sheldon Richardson and Danielle Hunter ups his game and this defensive line should be striking fear into EVERY team in the league. 

Keep in mind that yesterday the game plan for the Packers was maybe the most quick release that it has ever or will ever be with Aaron Rodgers' injury. The Vikings still tormented him. Richardson and Linval putting pressure up the middle are feeding quarterbacks right into the waiting arms of Hunter and Griffen. That's also not to say that those guys are doing poorly either. Both of the defensive ends on this team have an amazing mix of strength and speed and as we saw on Danielle Hunter's sack, he's starting to figure out some of the intricacies of the position too, using your hands and moves to beat the tackles. 

Next week could be a blood bath with a struggling Buffalo front.

5. This team is the real deal...

I know that this isn't a gigantic surprise given that the team was on the verge just last season but with this defense, this offense and now Kirk Cousins feeling his own, this team is the real deal. They'll be competitive in EVERY game this season and should push hard for a deep run, not just a run, but a deep run into the playoffs. This is a Super Bowl ready team, that's why you have to fix the kicking problem now.

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