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It probably comes as no surprise to many who have followed the way that this story with Jimmy Butler and the Minnesota Timberwolves is playing out, but there's been no momentum so far because Tom Thibodeau is asking for too much in return for Jimmy Butler.

The news comes once again from Adrian Wojnarowski who has tapped into multiple sources throughout the league with multiple teams and the return comments are all the same. The price the Wolves are asking for to trade for Jimmy Butler is still "far to steep."

It's an interesting development in this story as inside the Timberwolves there continues to be a split in desire, a split in planning and a split between the owner and the rest of the front office.

Wolves owner Glen Taylor has not been quiet about his desire to trade Jimmy Butler or at least get something back in return for him rather than nothing. Then there's President of Basketball Operations/Head Coach Tom Thibodeau and General Manager Scott Layden who are the one's reportedly working the phones with these other teams. 

Again, according to Wojnarowski the Timberwolves are seeking "quality vets/top prospects/future assets/cap relief. This price has proven to be too high for Butler's preferred destination of Miami and is too high for the Phoenix Suns, who were rumored to be a player in a 3-team swap, to get involved as well.

Is this a ploy by Thibodeau to keep Jimmy in Minnesota? Is this a GM pushing his luck because he doesn't want to implode the team that he's built without getting fair value in return? Or is this just all part of the game? Set the price high, leave everybody hanging until they get a little desperate and come back and get more than you thought you would in the end?

Who knows, but man is this story an entertaining one to follow!


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