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Read The 1993 Magazine Article About Chris Hawkey's Old Band Moonshine!

It was the year of our Lord Chris Hawkey, 1993 and Hawk had just started a new band after departing RYZ. The magazine FACTOR X wrote an article about the new band and debut album from Moonshine, and they talked to Hawk about his exciting new venture!

"I was sick of the lack of commitment in my other band,"..Chris Hawkey.

"Finding three other people with the same attitude I had to make it was the most bizarre thing; the hunger in this band is amazing!" Steve Edward.

"We all work so great together," Ray Seese.

Moonshine...A band who is so happy with each other that it's almost sickening….A band who's recently been signed to an independent label (Riot Records)...A band who by the time this article is printed will have a CD out and a tour of the U.S. underway....But the most amazing thing is that this band has only been together for 3 months.

All the members of Moonshine came from other familiar local bands including Fiction Alley, Ryz, and Graffiti. Yet none of them felt their bands had the material or the attitude to take them where they wanted to go.

Their meeting was put together by Pat Schwarz of Blackhawk Entertainment. Almost instantly the members integrated into one band with the same goals, and ideas.

"I came from Ohio," says vocalist Chris Hawkey, "and I thought there would be an abundance of dedicated musicians, but I found I was wrong and then I hooked up with these guys.

"In every other band I've been in, I've always been the one who was the Moonshine driving force. 'Lets go flyering and promoting….we have to do this, we have to do that,' but in this band we all have that same driving force," says Hawkey.

"I am so motivated; when I start talking about the band, I get really excited," adds guitarist Steve Edward. "it doesn't matter how tired I am or pissed off I am about anything else because the band makes everything go away. Moonshine's straight ahead rock-n-roll may not be the most original (Coverdale/Page-esque) but there's no denying their talent. Also, they prove that sometimes the right attitude and ambition can get you a lot further than searching for a sound that you hope will be the "next big thing'.

"I don't know that we're different, but I know we're good," says a confident Hawkey.

As far as lyrical content is concerned the band writes about personal experiences.

"I always say that going to see Moonshine is like looking at a slide show of our life," says Hawkey. "We write about things we know."

After talking to Moonshine, it's obvious the band has a brotherly bond…a mutual respect for each other as musicians, and friends. The band thinks that they pass that down home feel to their audience.

"Ray is like the little brother that mom won't let you beat up," laughs Hawkey.

"And Rick(Jones, bassist) is the guy who is the compulsive liar of the band and the practical joker."

"My motto is, 'I like to be ignorant'," laughs Jones.

"I think we're so far along in just a short time because we all have the music in our hearts and that's all we want to do.," interjects drummer, Ray Sease.

Moonshine started their tour on July 23 in Las Vegas, and will continue on for an indefinite time. Their CD will be released at the end of July.

"Releasing our CD on Riot Records is a stepping stone for us," says Edwards.

"It's easier to get air play when you have a CD, and we have something to sell at our shows while we're on tour, adds Hawkey.

Having a background in radio, Hawkey has managed to get a few radio stations to commit to playing their songs...Z Rock in Las Vegas, WKOC the Coast in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and WZZY in Winchester, Indiana.

"Everything is just coming together for us so fast and it's about time," asserts Seese.

by Victoria Martinez

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