The Power Trip

The Power Trip

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HR. 1 - Cory > Petesauce

HR. 2 - Tom Pelissero Calls In From The NFL Combine

Dot Com Tom, otherwise known as Tom Pelissero of NFL Network calls in from Indianapolis and shares what he has seen so far at the NFL Combine

HR. 3 - Cory's Alley

Cory has Headlines featuring a story about a botched execution

HR. 1 - What If Sauce Was The Head Coach?

The guys put Sauce in KOC's shoes to find out what he would do if he were the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings

HR. 2 - Fruitful Dialogue

Mark Rosen reacts to comments made by Vikings management regarding the future of Kirk Cousins and the organization

HR. 3 - Trim It Up Right, Doc

Mark Rosen talks Caitlin Clark, Gopher Women's Basketball and more sports, Hawk has some movie trivia for Rosie

HR. 1 - Jerk Material

It is the brand new Power Trip Morning Show! John Bonnes calls in and talks Twins spring training in Florida

HR. 2 - Spark Me With a Cigarette

The guys imagine what Cory's deathbed will look and sound like, Mark Rosen is in studio to share his thoughts on the combine, Marney Gellner talks Wolves and more

HR. 3 - Zach In The Box

Zach Halverson goes In The Box and comes out very surprised!

HR. 1 - Blue Burrito

The guys preview Maxx's trip to Austrailia