The Power Trip

The Power Trip

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HR. 1 - Spit

HR. 2 - Farmer Blows

The spitting conversation continues with the help of Muss, Hawk has the news

HR. 3 - Uhhnormally

The guys talk about the most popular snack foods and Muss reveals he hasn't even had most of them

HR. 1 - The Snatchers

The guys pay tribute to Donald Sutherland as well as some men's soccer coach at Grand Canyon University

HR. 2 - Chris Honkey

Cory introduces an awesome new cover artist named Mac Glocky, the guys talk Bald Eagles and monoliths

HR. 3 - Initials Game 522 feat. Kriesel and Gaardsy

The FAN's Justin Gaard and John Kriesel are special guests on Initials Game 522!

HR. 1 - Cus D' Mato

Tommy Olson is back after being gone for a while and he returns with plenty to talk about and look at

HR. 2 - We've Lost Hawk

Hawk is introduced to a new gal who shares a lot of herself on the internet

HR. 3 - Saucebox

The guys talk about how great ordering food while under the influence is, Jaws and The Meg, air conditioning, and bank robberies

HR. 1 - Smells Like Ham

The guys share what they think Cory looks like, Duel of the Decades returns