Let's just say you're gonna want to pay attention to the Power Trip over the next month and change...

Why you ask? Because you could win tickets to the X Games, VIP packages and possibly a brand new HARLEY-DAVIDSON® STREET ROD™ motorcycle!

Monday-Thursday the Power Trip Morning Show will give away a pair of X Games tickets at the times listed below with the contest winner each day having the chance to select an Initials player of that week to represent them on that week’s Friday Initials Game.

Winners of those four weeks will receive an upgraded tickets to XIP and we will pick out of a hat which Initials player will represent them in the FINAL Initials game on Friday, July 14th live from US Bank Stadium with the winner getting a HARLEY-DAVIDSON® STREET ROD™ motorcycle.

- Mondays, 6:20am - X Games Athlete or X Film Star
- Tuesdays, 7:20am - Power Trip Show Down
- Wednesdays, 8:20am - Triangle of Death
- Thursdays, 8:40am - Before and After

CLICK HERE for full rules and regulations.

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