Here are the TOP FIVE foods we ate in Las Vegas for #PowerTripVegas

I'm writing this from the radio studio back in Minneapolis, but for the past five days or so I have been stuffing my face with some of the most delicious foods that Las Vegas, Nevada has to offer. 

My wife and I don't really gamble, we don't drink and we don't go out to the what did we do in Vegas? We went to shows and ate a bunch of delicious food. 

Some of you might have been tracking my journey as I chronicled each day of our meals. Now it's time for the official/unofficial TOP FIVE list of the foods we crushed in Vegas.

5. In-N-Out Burger

It was my first *real* experience with an In-N-Out Burger. I've already told this story but here we go again, there was one time before where a listener bought some In-N-Out burgers in LA, froze them, took them on a plane to Minneapolis, heated them up, reassembled them and served them to us for breakfast...and they were okay. This was my first opportunity to get a fresh one, so I took it, and I'm glad I did.

4. Denver Omelet and French Toast from The Peppermill

This meal was so good, we went back and got it twice. It was morning #1 in Vegas when Rosie joined my wife and I at the Peppermill and we ordered what would turn out to be a 10-egg omelet and a side of french toast to share and still couldn't finish it. The hash browns were bomb, the omelet was massive and the french toast, served with homemade syrup was perfect!

3. Oreo Crunch Brownie from The Patisserie (Aria)

I was bummed that we didn't find this one until the last evening of our trip because I would have for sure gone more than once. In the middle of the casino at Aria there is a Patisserie where EVERYTHING looked delicious. We took the recommendation from Meatsauce and got the Oreo Crunch Brownie and it was SO GOOD! I also sprinkled in an almond croissant which was bomb as well.

2. Pepperoni Ricotta Pizza from Secret Pizza (Cosmopolitan)

Another item that was so good we went back and got it twice. I've literally never had pizza that tasted quite like that which we got from Secret Pizza inside the Cosmopolitan. The whole "secret pizza joint" vibe is cool to begin with, but it's the pizza that will keep you coming back again and again. For us it was specifically the pepperoni ricotta pizza with some sort of garlic sauce that left me begging for more.

1. Chicken Adobo Nachos from Tom's Urban (New York, New York)

Topping the chart were the Chicken Adobo Nachos I crushed from Tom's Urban. Even the waitress complimented the level of damage I caused to that plate of nachos. Let me get the official description from the website to get your mouth watering..."Char grilled adobo chicken, tri-colored tortilla chips, tons of cheese, pico de gallo, jalapenos, cilantro crema and a side of taco shop guac". This description doesn't even fully do it justice. This bad boy had melted shredded cheese on top and then a lake of queso cheese on the bottom. The cilantro crema was so good and the taco shop guac might be the best thing I've ever had, think salsa verde and guacamole mix. I could eat it again already, heck I could eat it everyday!

Now these are only my top five foods. To see the full slate check out the links below and enjoy!

Here's what I ate on day one on the #PowerTripVegas trip... - Thumbnail Image

Here's what I ate on day one on the #PowerTripVegas trip...

Here's what I ate on day two on the #PowerTripVegas trip... - Thumbnail Image

Here's what I ate on day two on the #PowerTripVegas trip...

Here's what I ate on day three of the #PowerTripVegas trip... - Thumbnail Image

Here's what I ate on day three of the #PowerTripVegas trip...

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