I just learned 4 things about Kirk Cousins & I'm convinced he's my new BFF!

In doing my deep dive on soon to be Minnesota Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins I stumbled upon something that instantly made me want to become BFFs with Kirk today!

Not only is Kirk tied into an organization that my family supports and believes in with the International Justice Mission, but I found a video interview with Cousins and Katie Nolan for the NFL Network where Kirk bared it all and some of what he shared is AWESOME!

He drives a 2000 Conversion Van...

In the sit down interview with the NFL Network, the scene was set in front of a 2000 conversion van, a replica of that which he drove to and from the team's facility despite his big franchise tag contract in the NFL. According to Kirk, the comfort, the space and some sentimental value after he bought it off of his grandparents after rolling around in it as a kid.

Dude's a millionaire and he drives an old, rusty conversion van. That's sweet.

He's in a band, like a real band...

A group of Kirk's friends from high school are in the music business in a band called Midnight Pilot and Kirk is an official member of the band providing vocals and recording songs with them in Nashville during the offseason. 

When informed of Kirk's off season activities, Redskins head coach simply shook his head and said, "this guy's crazy."

Midnight Pilot even cut a Kirk Cousins tribute song titled "You Like That" which you can listen to below...

Okay, those things are great, but this is the kicker.

Kirk Cousins is OBSESSED with Lord of the Rings (and Star Wars)

Yeah Chad Abbott, you heard that last part right. While he does enjoy Star Wars, it's Kirk's Lord of the Rings obsession that has literally taken over all aspects of his life. He wasn't exposed to either sci-fi series as a child so it was over the 2015 and 2016 offseasons in which Kirk burned through all three LOTR films and all the Star Wars films.

The obsession is so strong that Kirk has been seen quoting Lord of the Rings sayings on the sidelines of football games while being mic'd up. Many of the analogies he used in the interview with the NFL Network were from LOTR including him winning a Super Bowl someday and "throwing the metaphoric ring in the fire before putting a championship ring on his hand."

There is no single movie series that I know and love more so than Lord of the Rings. I own them all, regular and special editions. I've got the posters, the legos, the video games, the memorabilia and now it appears as if I have a new member of "my fellowship of the (Super Bowl) ring".

*UPDATE* - The list keeps growing...

His all-time favorite band is Switchfoot!

Listen to Kirk mic'd up at Redskins training camp in THIS video and you'll hear him share that his all-time favorite band is Switchfoot...umm hello mine too. And he also listens to contemporary Christian worship music, we're going to the Hillsong show in April, and he loves Mat Kearney too, we were just at the Kearney show at Myth. We're basically the same person, except he's an NFL QB and I do my best to shine in pickup hoops at Lifetime.  

CLICK HERE to check out the full interview and learn a little more about our new quarterback!

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